Goodbye paper timesheets.
Hello NEATS.

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All DETR employees have to fill in their timesheets and this section explains how. Plenty of screenshots and links will help you to complete the task in a very short amount of time.



Supervisors have an important although unchanged duty of verifying and approving timesheets. We have tried to cover most of the scenarios, but please, help us improve.


Need more help?

Looking for more help? DETR Training classroom materials are just a quick click away. Also, do not forget the step-by-step instructions on our everyone page.


Frequently Asked Questions and DETR help

I forgot my password.

If you have forgotten your NEATS password, the system has provided a guided process for you to follow.

I can't validate my Timesheet

To help you through the process of validating your timesheets, we've provided a few pages to guide you. Start here.

Access our NEATS Help flow

Have a problem? Take a look at our Help flow to see what to do and who to contact.

External Resources/Links

NEATS Login Page

This is the entry point to your NEATS web site. After you log in, you can access time-sheets using the tabs across the top of your screen. »

Full DOP NEATS Help Site

Department Of Personnel has a full help site devoted to NEATS. Please use it when you need help before calling/emailing for help. »

Spotlight on Basics

PDF - how to enter a new time sheet

How to enter a Time Sheet
It takes less then 3 minutes to do. This is as simple as it gets for all employees.

Retrieve the time sheet

How to retrieve a saved time sheet.
Sometimes you need to get to the old, or existing/saved time sheet.

Prefill your time sheet

How to prefill your time sheet
It is often easier to copy the time sheet fom previous payperiod into a new one.

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