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Stories of Success

“Making the most of an opportunity.”

Doris Chan's Story
All our lives, we, as children, have been sheltered in one way or another. Most of us continue on with our daily lives with no knowledge of how the real world operates. There are those that have to learn how to deal with the harsher aspect of life but even they might not have the experience needed to be successful in society, in a professional setting, and with the slump our economy is in today, it is harder and harder for teenagers to find a job. However, the Summer Business Institute program (SBI) provides youth that opportunity. Hi, my name is Doris Chan and I am a student at UC Berkeley and SBI is one of the many stepping stones that lead me to where I am today.

Even though I was only in the SBI program for one year, the experience it provided me is priceless. I worked at the Helen Meyer Recreation Center where I interacted with children from a variety of ages. Here, I was able to have fun and enjoy myself while at the same time learning how to act in a professional environment. It provided me with a set of professional skills (patience, customer service, etc) that I have utilized and will continue to utilized in the future. Also, the memories of the friendships that I made with my coworkers, with the children, and even with my supervisor makes me smile even to this day.

As well as offering me a job, SBI provided me with a mentor, Ody (who is the best mentor ever!). Each week, Ody and I would talk about how our week went and what my plans were for the future. She was encouraging and supportive of my goals. She told me the obstacles that she had faced in the past, and those stories, her life, was another motivation for me to strive my hardest to reach my goals. And here I am, in the most prestigious public university in the world, UC Berkeley, and one of the many reasons is SBI.

Anita Kwong's Story
Hello, my name is Anita Kwong. I am a graduate of Ed. W. Clark High School's Academy of Mathematics, Science and Applied Technology program, and I am now studying Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. It is my aspiration to become a doctor as my career one day.

I have been in this Summer Business Institute Program (SBI) for three years and I have to say that the SBI is definitely a program which provides today's students with opportunities for tomorrow. In the past three years, I have had the opportunity of working with the UNLV Psychology Department, Nevada Energy and the BEC Environmental Consulting Company. Because of the wonderful chances of working with these businesses, I have gained plenty of professional skills that will benefit me in the future.

Some of the tasks I worked on include conducting research on contaminated source water protection, creating a database for documents, performing quality assurance/quality check for data, creating a catering portfolio for the company, etc. Not only is this a real life working experience, it is also a learning process at the same time. In addition to the job experience, another component of the program is mentoring. With the mentoring segment of the program, I had access to some of the most supportive and encouraging mentors, some of which I still keep in touch. They gave me useful guidance and advices for me to take into my first semester at UC Berkeley.

In addition to the work experience and mentoring component of SBI, one of the most priceless opportunities I had in the program was being able to see top government officials such as President Barack Obama and Dina Titus in person. Furthermore, since I was in the program for three years, I was chosen to be the ambassador of the program. As an ambassador, I provide assistance for the SBI staff and help out with the Civic Engagement Project. Through this position, I obtain leadership skills in return.

With all of the experiences I had, information I learned from the workshops, and all of the advice and guidance from my mentors through the program, I can proudly say that I am ready to embark onto the next stage of my career and I am confident that I will be successful with my future endeavors.

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