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RamJets Named RWDC State Champs
Article by Kevin Prasad

The RamJets have done it again! Once more the team has been named State Champions in the national aviation Real World Design Challenge (RWDC), earning the title for the second year in a row. The team will be heading to Washington D.C. in April to compete in the nationals against other state winners.

As part of the RWDC, the team was given a real world problem for which they had to create the best possible solution. This year's problem statement challenged students to design and budget a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) for civilian use. The sUAS was designed as a search and rescue vehicle, used to locate an injured child in the wilderness. The team's challenge was to find the child in the quickest and most efficient manner. The team looked to modern aviation technology and research to develop revolutionary and unique designs. As well as the design of the aircraft, the challenge stipulated the incorporation of ground stations, cameras for detection and confirmation, and operators working in the stations. This challenge differs significantly from previous competitions as the team also had to address the business aspect by developing a budget and business plan to make the design viable.

As this is the second time the RamJets will be participating in the Real World Design Challenge, the team holds great promise as they head to the national stage. The National Challenge expands on the State Challenge as the team must refine their design to address diverse environments as the sUAS will need to fly through three zones of varying forestry. The Ramjets will present their final design at the RWDC National Competition, which will be held in Washington D.C. from April 19th through the 21st. During nationals the team will meet with industry leaders and visit the White House. Rancho High School is truly proud of its RWDC team and wishes them the best of luck as they compete with the best of the nation. For more information about the RWDC, please visit

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